Hello World

Sometimes you hear people say say things like “it is a fight to the finish”. I always thought that was a good place to end. But I’m not here to talk about endings. I’m here to talk about beginnings. Something I have been putting off for a long time. Creating a place to share what I learn as I grows an architect, designer, coder, and engineer.

I have been putting this off for many reasons. And maybe many of those reasons could be thought of as excuses. I’m too busy. No one will read it anyway. What can I offer that no one else out there is offering within the vastness of the internet. Those excuses stop today. Coincidentally on my thirtieth birthday.

I have always loved the openness and helpfulness of the coding and engineering community and I want to be a bigger part of it. I want to give back to all those that are on the same path. I want to share ideas, connect, and maybe even save someone some time on a problem they are trying to solve.

I’m not sure exactly where all of this will go, but this is me saying…

hello world

Python / R

print('hello, world')


PRINT "hello, world!"


document.write('hello, world!');

Julia / Swift

println('hello, world!')


namespace HelloWorld
    class Hello {         
        static void Main(string[] args)
            System.Console.WriteLine("hello world!");


Write-Output "hello, world!"


echo "hello, world!"

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