Terraform Mesh CLI Early Preview

Hello, my fellow Engineers and Developers! As many of you on the journey of adopting Terraform have likely experienced, over time your configurations grow in size and sophistication. As teams mature, Cloud Engineering becomes a body for enablement for App Developers that builds platforms rather than running every infrastructure-as-code project. This allows everyone to scale and […]

Terraform Mesh Update January 7, 2022

Below I share the latest progress on the Terraform Mesh project. Currently, about 80% of the functionality has been scripted into functions and is usable in a Github action that can automatically raise a PR for any dependency updates. Next steps is some light refactoring of the existing code and starting the CLI build using […]

The Twelve Days of Christmas (DevOps Edition)

What better way to celebrate the holidays than combining two of my favorite things. Christmas and DevOps! Be sure to sing to the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas. On the day before Christmas my DevOps engineers gave to me… Twelve merge requests arising Eleven tests passing Ten bugs a-squashing Nine features flying Eight pipelines […]

Enable Developers to Adopt Cloud and Build the Future by Shifting Left

Looking to inspire broad cloud adoption and rapid transformation within your company? Finding ways to shift left so that product teams and app developers are in control of their cloud journey is an important step. Shift left simply means making it possible for development teams to self service the cloud for building their applications. Said another way, it takes […]

Installing Visual Studio Code on MacBook

Visual Studio Code is an open source, cross platform code editor with a vast library of extensions and integrations. If you are not religious about another editor, I would push you to give this one a try. This is a brief tutorial to help Mac users get Visual Studio Code installed on their MacBook entirely […]

The Essential Terraform Cheatsheet

One of the best things about being a digital transformation leader in the cloud space is the humbling experience of working with so many smart, talented, creative, driven, and hard-working engineers. Over the past several years, our team has worked together to go from mostly manual and error prone deployments to fully automated infrastructure deployments […]

Creating a Virtual Machine Operator Role with Azure CLI

Sometimes you want to be able to create custom roles that give fine grained control over your cloud platform and environments. This can be done entirely with the Azure command line interface and it is awesome! The example role are going to create is a role that allows a user to start and stop a […]

Searching Nested Dictionaries In Python Using Recursive Functions

Sometimes it is helpful to be able to search for all values that match a key within a non-arbitrarily nested combination of lists and dictionaries in Python. A great way to solve this problem is using recursive functions. Sometimes also simply referred to as recursion. A recursive function is a function that refers to itself […]

Managing Tags In Microsoft Azure

Overview Tagging can be a powerful tool in Azure. You can use it to organize and categorize your resources making them easier to find. Tags can also help with other things like automating processes like locking virtual networks or destroying test resources which can protect and reduce the cost of your Azure environment. Tagging can […]


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