About Me

Justin O’Connor

Charlotte, NC

Somewhere strategizing, prototyping, designing, architecting, coding or traveling.

I am a leader in the Cloud and DevSecOps space at a major consulting firm in the US. I am responsible for helping our clients build and automate cloud platforms that enable:

  • Business teams to innovate and deliver better products faster to happier customers
  • Application developers to have greater autonomy over their cloud journey
  • Engineers to build and operate platforms at scale with agility, reliability, and security

I have helped teams implement Agile and DevOps principals and practices at scale and as well as modern cloud telemetry strategies.

I love working with technology end-to-end, ideation to delivery and operations. I am as comfortable at the command line or in a code editor as I am sitting across the table from thought leaders and business executives discussing strategy.

I have worked directly with clients to sell and deliver work across a variety of industries and technology domains as well as with internal technology organizations.

As long as I am learning and growing and helping others to do the same I am happy. I’m driven by a sense of purpose and enjoy bringing people together to accomplish more as a team than as individuals.

I love my wife and kids and have other hobbies including woodworking and traveling.


A Guide to Getting the Most Out of Agile

Overview I love helping teams deliver more application and cloud platform features faster to happier customers. An important component of being able to accomplish this is following an Agile methodology that works. In this post I will cover how teams can get the most out of Agile principles and practices […]

Migrating Apps to the Cloud

App modernization looks different for everyone! There are no hard-and-fast rules or one-size-fits-all approaches to migrating applications to the cloud.  Every organization has its own unique challenges, constraints, culture, goals, budgets, and market pressures that guide them on their journey.  There are however some common strategies that have helped organizations […]

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